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LOVE / 'luv / (noun, verb, and everything in between) 1: holding hands, walking in the rain, and not even knowing it's raining 2: being there for each other (no matter what) 3: that certain look 4: trust 5: passion 6: the best kind of friendship 7: gets better with time 8: a fairy tale that does come true

Celestial in white, but fun and sensual with autumn shade of lace detail.  Rini is part of the White Collection, but a compliment to Zelda in sea green.  Bali Intimates. The Naked Robe designer lingerie.


  • Kimono Robe
  • Touches of red, maroon, white, tangerine, yellow, greens.
  • Crepe chiffon
  • White Lace Lingerie
  • Chiffon Belt
  • Deep Pockets


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