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"She is a goddess, a warrior Worth more than her weight in gold. She is a guardian, a nurturer. With spirit young and soul of old She has words for all occasions. And is wise beyond her years She has a heart as big as oceans. And will always face her fears" ~ Michelle Schaper

Zelda is the ultimate siren weapon of beauty and allure from our Bali Intimates line.  The naked robe details are woven from floral details of iris and vines.  This soft, chic sea green color is truly romantic and yet the term 'sexy lingerie' isn't a description that escapes this innocent lace lingerie style.   


  • Kimono Robe
  • Touches of blue, purples, green, magenta, yellow.
  • Crepe chiffon
  • Blue Lace Lingerie
  • Chiffon Belt
  • Deep Pockets

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