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The Story Behind our Bali Intimates

No point wearing it, if you're not flaunting it 

The Naked Robe truly was born from inspiration on the colorful Island of The Gods. As a Bali Intimates brand, we consciously honor the culture and beautiful traditions from design to our finished upscale lingerie robes. Our goals focus on enriching the lives of the sirens wearing our brand and also the ones behind our Bali Intimates.

Local and Socially Conscious

Salome Sirens’ The Naked Robe is created by empowered women aimed to empower women. Salomé Sirens is more than just an upscale lingerie brand. We don't mass produce. We source locally and give back to the local Balinese community.

Painting with Thread To Create Bali Intimates

Our Bali intimates designs are woven into high quality, vibrant, and colorful designer lingerie. The Naked Robe is embroidered from a selection of quality threads in layers and 'painted' effects of intricately colorful details.  Our admirers have described our robes as pieces of art by admiring the 'painted thread' styles in person and seeing the quality designs. Our robes are ultra-feminine; representing floral notes, vibrant birds, and contemporary shapes in between our unique mesh lace web. The traditional styling is completely unique in the upscale lingerie industry, giving a playful and a little bit of naughty lingerie feel by flashing peek-a-boo skin through the delicate lace details. Besides the traditional black, white, and nude lingerie styles that dominate the intimates industry, we design styles with the eternally 'alluring siren' in mind. Bold, colorful, alluring, and magical are ideas that come to mind during the styling process. We fell in love with colorful lingerie and we hope you will too! The Naked Robe is a one-of-a-kind piece as a Bali Intimates brand in upscale lingerie.

History of our Upscale Lingerie

Handmade upscale lingerie created in Bali and based in the United States. We employ the skills of traditional artisans that learned the art of embroidery through generations of family tailors. The skills of a Balinese crafter take years to perfect and is a high demand trade within the traditional culture. The process is a highly technical artisan craft. These same lace embroidery processes were used since before migrants settled on the island. However, today the lace is uniquely known as a local craft.

Process Of Creating a Masterpiece

The creation of every The Naked Robe is delicately crafted by the hands of three specialized tailors. Unlike mass produced pieces, it takes two full working days to complete one robe. The time and effort is highly focused on creating a high quality lace robe.  The light chiffon fabrics are very comfortable and breathable. The Naked Robe name came from the sheerness and light feel of the robe and the lace detail that adds seductively naughty lingerie touches.  From the bedroom to a lazy Sunday morning breakfast table, we know you will adore wearing your Salome Sirens robe. Our designs are timeless and artistic. The detail and carefully crafted tailored designs are our signature touch as a one-of-a-kind piece in any women's lingerie collection.

Philosophy Behind Our Signature Designs

The Naked Robe styles are symbols of feminine empowerment. We give the gift of designer lingerie as a means to empower women through connection. Connecting with her inner magic by wearing the colorful and alluring Naked Robe is determined to awaken a feeling of beauty and unlock the mystic siren within. “Awaken the siren within” is not just a thought, but a concentrated effort make you feel the best version of you.

The Happiness Factor Of Bali Intimates

One of our measures of success is through scaling the creation process alongside the needs of our talented artisans who sew our lace lingerie. Our designer lingerie styles empower our tailors by compensating fair wages. We aim to provide work/life flexibility and work from home environments. We discovered these elements create a high happiness factor.  Quality of living is important for our lingerie brand. We understand that we are only as strong as the happiness factor of the sirens behind our Bali Intimates.

Our Mission Of Beauty

Awaken the Siren within by creating alluring, ultra-feminine designer lingerie.

Risque Lingerie isn't just for taking off!

~ The Naked Robe ~

Salomé Sirens Designer Lingerie